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The popular singer Ivana was born on the 31 of January in the town of Aitos. She is the only child of her parents. They, however, being quite conservative, kept a strict hand on her, especially in her early childhood. They brought her up to know that one has his own responsibilities, no matter at what age he is, that work and lessons come before entertainments. Thus Ivana graduated the high school with honours, and then enrolled to study at two universities in one and the same time - Commercial business in Svishtov University of Economy and Law in Bourgas Free University. Only one term she manages to study like this and decided to leave the Law for later. Meantime Ivana got married and took her diploma from the Svishtov University, but she took singing for her job and has never worked with her specialty.

There were many musicians in Ivana’s family but her father most influenced her. He was an accordionist, and her grandmother was a famous singer. Ivana was only 4 or 5 years old when she sang for the first time. The first song in her child repertoire was `Imala maika edno mi chedo` (One child the mother had – a folklore song).

Ivana’s father worked along the Black sea coast with his own orchestra. One night their singer got sick and Ivana had to sing several folklore songs instead of her. Her first repetition Ivana made in the car traveling from Aitos to Obsor. For this first performance she even didn’t have a stage costume and performed in white blouse and black skirt. And yet Ivana was perfect. She was immediately offered to perform with the orchestra for the summer. She was 14 then and really liked being on the stage. This was the way she knew she had to follow. Gradually she widened her repertoire and started working alone. Then she made Female formation Prima +, in which played the claviers and keyboard instruments.

The group was invited to sing at the `Prikazkite`. It was then Ivana’s talent was noticed by the manager of Payner music – Mitko Dimitrov. He offered her to conclude a contract with his firm. Everything looked like a dream to her. It was the perfect opportunity to fight for a place among the best singers. Vanya became Ivana and the hits started to appear one by one. The first song was `Idol`, the second one, a duet with Kosta Markov, was `Darvo bez koren`(A tree without roots). Her third single became a real hit – `100 patrona` (100 cartridges). The debut album was named on this song.

In 2001 at the greatest Bulgarian Musical Forum – The annual awards of Nov Folk magazine Ivana received the award for a debut. She was also awarded at the Festival for author songs with folklore sound – Trakia Folk 2000.

`Ivana – Live`, the singer’s second album was released at the end of 2001. It was the first live pop-folk album on the Bulgarian music market. It had great success. Hits like `Greshna nosht` (Sinful night), `Posledna vecher` (Last night), `Smukacha` were leaders in the charts.

The closest people to Ivana, except those who are professionally connected to her, are her father, her mother, and her daughter Teodora.

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Ivana - Best Video Selection Best Video Selection
Payner Music   

Ivana - Bez granitsi Bez granitsi
Payner Music   

Ivana - Doza lyubov Doza lyubov
Payner Music   

Ivana - Mirishe na... LIUBOV Mirishe na... LIUBOV
Payner Music   

Ivana - Niama spirane Niama spirane
Payner Music   

Ivana - Zvezdi na stsenata - Ivana and Indira Zvezdi na stsenata - Ivana and Indira
Payner Music   

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